Rich Marketplaces for Crypto Trading
Build your very own, cost-effective, feature-rich, and highly secured, exclusive NFT marketplace.

Launch your NFT marketplace to attract investors, players, users, and artists from all over the world and build a secure ecosystem for trading all kinds of NFTs using blockchain

We help businesses build a robust NFT Marketplace for bidding, selling and trading of digital assets backed by NFTs. Our team of blockchain experts will help you tap into the decentralised ecosystem and create a custom NFT marketplace platform, integrating multi-layer security and rich features to enhance user’s trading experience.


Users have absolute ownership of their NFT assets with blockchain's decentralisation.


Users can hold rare and exclusive NFT collectibles and benefit hugely, like seen by the BAYC holders.


Users get exclusive access to blockchain games and metaverses through holding NFTs and earn rewards with fun experiences.

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Why Blockchain NFT Marketplace?
We provide endless benefits to our NFT Marketplace clients

Unique Identity

Your users get access to NFTs which are unique cryptographic tokens on blockchain. The NFT holders usually get exclusive access to personalised features and utilities from the creators.

Full Ownership

NFTs are indivisible inherently and they can only be owned by one person. Owners can get exclusive benefits and access through owning NFTs and the value of NFTs get influenced with their scarcity.

Foolproof Security

The NFT tokens and marketplace is hosted on the uncompromised security protocols of blockchain, which is immutable and decentralised, distributed on public ledgers. This ensures that all user transactions and NFTs are kept safe.

Complete Transparency

The NFT token data and transactional records such as token issuance, transfer and activity is on public ledger and easily confirmed. This makes it simple for buyers and sellers to transparently verify the legitimacy of a specific NFT.

Authentic Assets

Like real world assets, NFTs are non-fungible and unique. This uniqueness gives them exclusive digital attributes and value. They can represent real-world assets like artwork, music, media, real-estate, game items, and so much more.

Unlock Royalties

NFT holders and creators can enjoy royalties on each transaction, opening doors to countless business opportunities. Most of the large industry brands, such as Facebook, are already showing strong interest in this space.

NFT Marketplace
Development Services

Make your customers feel comfortable in generating breathtaking ideas to develop unique NFTs for their businesses or personal use with all the latest features of blockchain technology

Custom NFT Marketplace Development

We build a lively and project-specific NFT marketplace on the blockchain of your choice. Your users can tokenise their digital assets or trade existing NFTs by connecting their crypto wallets of choice. The NFT platform will be optimised and supported on various devices such as Windows, Android and iOS.

NFT Marketplace Research, Analysis and Design

Our blockchain engineers have deep knowledge of ERC-721, ERC-1155, ERC-223 and ERC-998 standards, smart contracts and IPFS protocols. We will analyse, research, design and build a user-centric NFT marketplace. You can offer personalised experiences to NFT lovers and let them access the growing NFT market and benefit. 

NFT Smart Contracts & Tokenisation

We offer NFT smart contract development, and a comprehensive range of token standards. Our expert team ensures flawless functioning of the smart contracts and a seamless automation in the NFT transactions. You can choose from all of the top blockchains such as Ethereum, Tezos, Solana, TRON, and create a power packed experience for creators and NFT traders.

NFT Marketplace Maintenance and Support

We ensure your NFT marketplace runs smoothly with continuous monitoring, maintenance and support. Our clients receive ongoing management services of updates, new OS releases, third-party upgrades and surety that the nodes are always up and running. Your users can trade with full confidence.

Industries Adopting NFT Marketplaces
We provide our next generation NFT marketplace solutions to serve a wide range of industries
Art NFT Marketplace

Any art piece can be tokenised and sold as an NFT.  Artists will be able to trade their artwork as the NFT on your NFT marketplace platform without worrying about copyright thefts or content copying.

E-Commerce NFT Marketplace

Bringing NFTs to your ecommerce markeplace will help increase productivity to your online store. Users can tokenise new assets or sell their existing NFTs to a wide customer base with complete transparency.

Crypto Trading NFT Marketplace

Crypto and NFT enthusiasts can freely trade their prized crypto collectibles on the NFT marketplace. We offer a wide range of NFT solutions including digital art, game assets, virtual lands, domain names, playing cards, and much more. Users can buy, sell and explore exclusive and rare assets.

Games NFT Marketplace

The gaming industry is one of the earliest NFT adopters, using NFT tokens in incredible and creative ways. Players can trade their NFT lands, avatars, skins, accessories, vehicles, and in-game currency, using the NFT marketplace in a safe and genuine way.

Sports NFT Marketplace

With thousands of various kinds of sports globally, the sports NFTs are disrupting the global ecosystem for fans, players, brands, clubs and IP owners.  The sports NFT marketplace lets users trade digital collectibles such as athlete assets (bats, jerseys, etc) and trading cards of sports celebrities and teams (popular sports moments, etc).

Real Estate NFT Marketplace

Real estate can be tokenised into virtual land NFTs which can be traded on the open real estate NFT marketplace. It enables interested buyers to bid on the property NFTs, effortlessly buying and selling properties in the form of tokenised NFT assets. It has started to become a common practice for prospective customers to bid on the most interesting lots and benefit.

Whitelabel NFT Marketplace
Enter the market quickly with our clones of the popular NFT marketplaces

Our blockchain experts can quickly customise and deploy an advanced NFT marketplace using our white label solutions.

Top industry marketplaces like OpenSea, Axie Marketplace, NBA Top Shop, are available to choose and customise based on your requirements.

Get into the market in no time and start generating business value and focus on actual business development and sales.


Axie Marketplace


NFT Marketplace Features

Buy & Sell, Auction & Bid

Let your users decide how to trade, through multiple listing methods. Users can bid or directly buy the listed NFTs, as per the sellers will. Users enjoy advanced features including receiving notifications if someone makes an offer or if a deadline is approaching for the auctioned bid.

Crypto Wallets Integration

We enable users to connect their preferred choice of crypto wallets, like Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Phantom. Owners can securely transact and manage their prized digital NFT possessions. We also provide custom crypto wallets based on client requirements.

Multi-Currency Support

Provide a wide array of currencies to your users in your NFT marketplace, enabling seamless trading of their crypto digital assets. No matter what currency the tokens are purchased and sold in, your store will support all of them, including fiat money.

User Friendly Interfaces

Create an attractive, easy-to-navigate and a modern UI and UX storefront with user packed features. NFT ownership verification, creating new listings, one-tap filter options for users to buy trending NFTs among thousands of options and a search bar, everything is possible.

Authentic Ratings and Reviews

Users can leave ratings and reviews on the NFTs for a helpful experience for new buyers and sellers on your NFT marketplace. Increase authenticity and visibility of the genuine sellers and help incentivise the users who are active and long term.

Cross Platform Compatibility

Your users can access the NFT marketplace using all the various devices and operating systems, popular nowadays. The experience will be instant, personalised and enjoyable everywhere, at all the time.

Blockchain Success Stories
We’re happy to reveal some of our custom projects we’ve already launched for our clients and partners.

Seerbytes became the tech partner of Wilmore Academy, building its NFT marketplace on the Algorand blockchain. The marketplace will enable artists, academics, and brands to produce and launch NFTs supporting research. Wilmore Academy is a partner with Merlin Sheldrake, New York Times bestselling author of ‘Entangled Life: How Fungi Make our Worlds, Change Our Minds and Shape our Futures (2020)’, and winner of this year’s ‘Royal Society Science Book Prize’, building a groundbreaking collection of 9,950 unique NFTs unlocking the patronage of science, art and the environment together.

Seerbytes became one of the first few partners of Cheqd to run its blockchain validator node (server) for their mainnet on the Cosmos blockchain. Our team managed to deploy it in just a few days and made sure that Cheqd’s Ecosystem stays intact since blockchain networks primarily rely on their validator nodes. In addition to running the node, I also helped the Core Founding Team of Cheqd to launch its own crypto-token, CHEQ, whose market cap at launch was over $500 million with an ambition to be a unicorn. Cheqd offers self-sovereign identity (SSI) and digital identity vendors a blockchain based, secure and efficient solution that includes payment rails, allowing vendors to develop sustainable commercial business models.

Metaverse Marketplaces
Gain a competitive edge with your metaverse NFT marketplace

Our metaverse engineers will build a rock-solid, custom metaverse NFT marketplace for your users to buy and sell tons of NFTs seamlessly. Metaverse is becoming the next big thing as major industry players are entering it, including social media and gaming companies. We understand the technicalities and development needs to create a robust platform allowing users and players to trade their metaverse assets, virtual properties, and much more.

Buy, Sell & Auction NFT Assets

Help your users trade their digital and physical NFT assets, organise auctions and develop a network. Users can offer unique services through your metaverse NFT marketplace and benefit.

Fully Decentralised & Secure

Your users have complete ownership and control over their metaverse assets and experiences due to the decentralised and immutable nature of blockchain. There are no central authorities involved, and it offers high-end security protection against hackers.

Cross Platform Support & Integrations

The metaverse NFT marketplace will be supported by a wide number of blockchain networks and have several crypto wallet options for easy transactions for your users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Seerbytes has over 15 years of technology development and consulting experience. Our blockchain team will flawlessly deploy your sophisticated and visually interactive metaverse game. We have delivered numerous blockchain tokenisation-related projects for our clients and partners.

An NFT marketplace is similar to any other ecommerce store, where users buy and sell digital NFT crypto tokens. It is built on blockchain technology, making it decentralised and immutable, providing maximum security. Users need crypto wallets to store and transact the NFTs on an NFT marketplace.

NFTs are non-fungible crypto tokens with unique specifications and standards that cannot be exchanged with other tokens for the same value. Unlike fungible tokens or fiat money, which, say a single sterling coin or dollar bill has the same value and can be exchanged freely. NFTs in games and metaverses can operate as a variety of items or cosmetics, such as weapons in an action game, costumes in an adventure game, characters and vehicles, virtual landscape – an NFT can literally be anything you want. These NFTs can be traded using cryptocurrency or fiat money on NFT marketplaces.

Blockchain-based NFT marketplaces have smart contracts, acting as an intermediary in transactions. No third parties are involved and the transfer of tokens and payments are instant. Users can also mint their own NFTs and convert digital media into, immutable and decentralised, prized possessions to utilise and benefit. Every NFT is fully traceable back to its minting credentials and with permissionless ownership.

The NFT marketplace development costs and duration depends on the level of complexity and features. Hence, it varies from client to client, based on the clients’ actual requirements. Usually, the main components include: UI & UX design, frontend & backend development including the database, and smart contracts with blockchain integration. Testing, auditing and deployment follows. As an example, a blockchain marketplace can range between $50,000 to several $millions, with timescales ranging from 3-6 months to several years. Please get in touch with us for our free consultation to get more clarity.

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