Have you started to wonder if your clients are hiding away under a rock… and that rock is on a different planet? 😲

If you have tried countless strategies but still haven’t found clients, then we sympathise. At Seerbytes, we regularly see this with our new clients.

Case study: How we saved £100,000 for a Client

One of our UK based clients was spending thousands of pounds each month on redundant strategies offered by their previous marketing and sales partner. The strategies and key performance indicators advised by these so-called ‘experts’ were appalling and severely damaging to our client’s business. Even after spending hefty amounts with this marketing and sales agency, they were still not able to secure new customers. As a result, the business started struggling as revenues dropped.

However, our client was unable to understand what the underlying problem was. They could not really fault the efforts of their marketing and sales partner. The marketing team was generating sufficient followers and engagement, and they were receiving a high number of new queries each day. Their offering was also tried and tested. But still, the business was falling apart.

So who was actually at fault?

When the client was introduced to us, we conducted an in-depth analysis. We found that the generated leads were of poor quality. The niche which was being targeted was irrelevant to the client’s product offering and their values. Thus, the conversion rates were extremely low with no end-to-end sales strategy being implemented. Following the analysis, we helped the client re-strategise, resulting in a 3X increase in their revenue in just a couple of months. Not only this, by using some of our market-leading automation tools, our client also saved £100,000 in costs while doing it.

So share with us your experience and who you think is at fault in the comments below.

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Zafer is leading the team at Seerbytes with deep expertise in Blockchain, along with the latest Tech Frameworks and Mobile applications, and Business Consulting solutions. We help startups validate ideas and build MVPs, iterating towards reaching product-market fit, and scaling quickly. For larger enterprises, we provide technology consulting to enable them with digital transformation comprising business-led solutions and boosting their legacy systems to improve performance and limit inefficiencies. We pride ourselves on being customer-obsessed and excel on their goals.

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