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Join the Future of Decentralised Finance
Break beyond the limits of conventional thought by implementing more secure, transparent, and reliable environment for your users through our decentralised finance or DeFi solutions.

Step into the finance revolution by delivering groundbreaking decentralised fintech applications for your customers using our DeFi development services and scale your business.

We help financial institutions build robust DeFi solutions for lending, borrowing, staking and the global fintech advancements with the blockchain way.

Our expert team of blockchain engineers help you tap into the decentralised ecosystem by creating your very own DeFi platform or boosting your existing one, integrating multiple security layers and rich features to enhance your user’s trading experience.


Build the next big crypto exchange and open up new investment opportunities to millions of users around the world.


Offer cryptocurrency with full control to help everyone enjoy the institutional type investments, not accessible before to masses.


Using blockchain protocols, your DeFi dapp is available 24/7, around the world with full transparency and decentralisation to users.

Most Innovative International Software Specialist 2022
Seerbytes wins the prestigious Corporate Live Wire award for the most innovative and leading industry leader in software excellence
Benefits of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) 
Implement DeFi solutions to open up a whole world of flexible financial opportunities for your customers

Fast & Cheap

Hats off to decentralisation, the DeFi blockchain protocols allow instant transactions with really low fees, with no intermediaries to tamper. Traditional money transfers can take several days with really high transfer fees.


DApps use foolproof and uncompromised security protocols of blockchain, making the data immutable and distributed on public ledgers. All user transactions are safe from hacks.


The DeFi platform is hosted on blockchain which makes it fully decentralised. You can offer financial instruments without relying on intermediaries such as brokerages, exchanges or banks. Every transaction is settled using smart contracts.


Users enjoy high levels of transparency which traditional systems lack with decentralised finance. Both buyers and sellers can easily verify the legitimacy of a specific crypto token and transaction. The token data with all transactional records such as token issuance, transfer and activity is present on the blockchain's public ledger.

Self Custody

Your users actually hold their cryptocurrency tokens and are in full control, all the time. Using a DeFi crypto wallet, self-custody or non-custody is possible. This means that no one, even banks or hackers, other than yourself can access the funds in your wallet. While through smart contracts, funds for lending, exchanges, etc, is managed.


A complete futuristic solution where money is digitised with global access, all in the custody of an individual. The DeFi applications we develop for you will be 24/7 online and accessible worldwide, running on public, permissionless, blockchain ledgers. Even better, everyone can gain entry with no economic segregation.

DeFi Development Services

Offering wide range of DeFi development solutions for your business to tackle modern-day security and efficiency solutions for your customers.

DeFi Apps Development (DApps)

We build and deploy brilliant, highly secure and fully customised, Decentralised Finance (DeFi) Application for financial institutions. Attract more users by offering them next generation of FinTech services. We deliver the best-in-class DApps development and consulting services with greater transparency and security for your business.

DeFi Exchange (DEX) & Wallet Development

Build a peer-to-peer marketplace where cryptocurrency and token transactions occur directly between crypto traders with a decentralised exchange (also known as a DEX). The DeFi Exchange will feature state-of-the-art financial tools, like DeFi lending/borrowing, DeFi staking, DeFi yield farming, DeFi liquidity mining, and much more. We also offer tamper-proof DeFi Wallet development services, including both non-custodial and key-based wallets, for storing and retrieving your users’ tokens or coins in the blockchain way.

DeFi Smart Contracts & Token Development

Our DeFi Smart Contracts and Tokens are one of the most trusted. Smart contracts are free from vulnerabilities and work automatically according to your pre-set conditions. On top, with tokenisation, we can build native DeFi tokens for your platform and tokenise any asset you want for your customers to dive into the whole new world of investment opportunities.

DeFi Staking, Lending & Borrowing Development

Provide game changing institutional investment opportunities with DeFi.  People can freely satisfy the mutual financial needs through cryptocurrency lending, borrowing and staking. By sharing cryptocurrency using reliable smart contracts, individuals can lend their cryptocurrency tokens and earn rewards. Users can also earn attractive yearly returns by using blockchain’s proof of stake protocols and staking their crypto tokens.

Wide Range of Blockchain Networks
We provide all of the top blockchain networks for your DeFi application

Ethereum is one of the most popular and largest in market capitalisation (right after Bitcoin) blockchain network, packed with a powerhouse of features. Enjoy fast DApps including financial apps, decentralised marketplaces, gaming environments, with advanced privacy, easy tokenisation, low costs, high-speed deployment, and unparalleled performance.


Solana is capabale of handling thousands of transactions with its proof-of-history system, and is catching fast in the DApp world. It can support comprehensive decentralised applications, smart contracts, NFT ecosystems and DeFi products. In addition, it is powered by super speed transactions and scalability of the Solana network.


Hyperledger Fabric infrastructure is highly custom and scalable. Hyperledger DApps can revamp your business. Primary benefits include a high level of resiliency, flexibility and scalability for enterprise blockchain-based applications with its modular architecture.


Cardano based DApps are interoperable, sustainable, and scalable. It is highly secure with proof-of-stake timestamping. Smart contracts and NFT marketplaces can benefit by leveraging the platform.


Leverage Polkadot's cross-chain platform to build high-performance interoperable, decentralised applications, exchange platforms, NFT marketplaces. It is open-source and enables interoperability and interconnectivity.


Use Algorand’s protocol, one of the greenest decentralised blockchain and solving the trio dilemma, it is designed for high performance. It delivers fast transactions with low fees, has a borderless, digital economy built on an open source carbon-negative network.


Stellar is a blockchain platform that can help create secure and quick fintech applications, crypto tokens and digital financial assets. It allows you to generate, trade and send digital representations of all types of money including fiat, bitcoin, and much more.

DeFi & FinTech Consultancy
Find what matters from our experts and use the full potential of DeFi dominance

Our DeFi experts will quickly help conduct the necessary analysis to identify your business goals and blockers. Whether you need an audit, a financial plan or strategy findings, we will solve every step of the way.

Enter early into the fast changing market to take the early entry advantage. Generate business value and focus on actual business development and sales, whilst leaving the complex hurdles for us.

DeFi Crypto Infrastructure

Investment Strategies

Consultancy and Research

Blockchain Success Stories
We’re happy to reveal some of our custom projects we’ve already launched for our clients and partners.

Seerbytes became the tech partner of Wilmore Academy, building its NFT marketplace on the Algorand blockchain. The marketplace will enable artists, academics, and brands to produce and launch NFTs supporting research. Wilmore Academy is a partner with Merlin Sheldrake, New York Times bestselling author of ‘Entangled Life: How Fungi Make our Worlds, Change Our Minds and Shape our Futures (2020)’, and winner of this year’s ‘Royal Society Science Book Prize’, building a groundbreaking collection of 9,950 unique NFTs unlocking the patronage of science, art and the environment together.

Seerbytes became one of the first few partners of Cheqd to run its blockchain validator node (server) for their mainnet on the Cosmos blockchain. Our team managed to deploy it in just a few days and made sure that Cheqd’s Ecosystem stays intact since blockchain networks primarily rely on their validator nodes. In addition to running the node, I also helped the Core Founding Team of Cheqd to launch its own crypto-token, CHEQ, whose market cap at launch was over $500 million with an ambition to be a unicorn. Cheqd offers self-sovereign identity (SSI) and digital identity vendors a blockchain based, secure and efficient solution that includes payment rails, allowing vendors to develop sustainable commercial business models.

Industries Utilising DeFi Applications
Industries have a better chance of dominating from our DeFi expertise

Banks & Financial Institutions

DeFi technology is helping to automate loan servicing with smart contracts. Traditional banking and finance companies are exploring these solutions to help reduce costs and cut down on transfer times.

Insurance / Insurtech

DeFi insurance is becoming a massive force and many companies and investors are trying to break into this landscape. Decentralised insurance does not rely on purchasing insurance coverage from one individual or a company. It reduces the growing complexity and a variety of hacks and exploits faced by this industry.

Wealth / Asset Management

DeFi has caught the attention of asset management professionals and investors these days. Attractive attributes such as protocols, derivatives, composability, decentralised exchanges, and Security Tokens, have presented prolific indications for creating innovative solutions for investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Seerbytes has over 15 years of experience in Finance/Fintech and blockchain technology. We have flawlessly deployed more than 20 tokenisation-related projects. Our adequate knowledge, error-free platforms using latest tech-stacks and a responsive designs, will help you adopt brilliant DeFi solutions.

The blockchain network allows you to track orders, payments, accounts, items, and more. And because all participants share a single source of trusted data, you can view any transaction details at any time to work with greater confidence and reveal new opportunities.

DeFi is a decentralised finance application which is powered by blockchain, allowing anyone to access financial instruments. It removes the central control over custody of user’s assets and enables limitless & permissionless transactions, executed using smart contracts.

DeFi offers accessibility to everyone into financial markets without any centralised authority or middle-men. DeFi market is steadily growing with billions of dollars pouring in. To stay forefront in the market, you must consider it.

Users can earn cryptocurrency by lending, borrowing and staking cryptocurrency tokens using the DeFi platform. Users can get rewarded based on number of assets, duration of staking and rate of the network insurance. By staking crypto tokens, users assist by adding up the liquidity term of the platform and those liquidity providers gain authority attributes, who in turn reward them.

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