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Next-Generation Gaming & Metaverses
We build immersive and feature-packed blockchain gaming and metaverse experiences for startups and enterprises.

Attract masses of gamers to play and invest in digital collectibles, avatars, art pieces and properties in the virtual gaming world

Hire us, the top certified NFT game and metaverse developers, with over 5 years of industry experience to help you enter into the gaming and non-gaming metaverse projects.

You can unfold virtual environments and digital experiences to players and users including a wide range of interactions and features that will greatly benefit your business.


Turn your gaming fantasies into fun blockchain games which users would love to explore.


Nurture your games and metaverse into unique and private assets for your users who play and earn.


Create a virtual metaverse experience to offer online products and services for your users.

Most Innovative International Software Specialist 2022
Seerbytes wins the prestigious Corporate Live Wire award for the most innovative and leading industry leader in software excellence
Why Should You Develop Games on Blockchain and Offer NFTs?
Blockchain-based decentralised games or DApp games provide the gamers with the network's security and unblemished reliability. Global gamers and users can enjoy the experiences without any cyber threats.

In addition, GameFi is becoming one of the most promising business model of incentivising gamers and metaverse users through monetisation and rewards. It is seen by many as the future of digital human spaces and interaction.

All large gaming and non-gaming organisations have recently shown interest in blockchain.
DApp Games
With Blockchain
Hack-proof security protocols
Players are in control as decentralised
Play-to-earn gaming experiences
Quick and safe transactions with low transaction fees
Gaming seen as the future
No Blockchain
Compromised security protocols
Developers are in control as centralised
No monetisation, just gaming
High transaction fees and insecure payment process
Slowly getting obsolete
Benefits of NFT Games & Metaverse


Your users have complete ownership of their digital assets, which means it is outside control of any single or central authorities.

Game Currency

Your in game currency helps make transactions accessible to the open market, allowing trading of NFT game assets to be exposed to the masses.

Transparent Gaming

Users can transparently transact and trade the virtual NFT assets by verifying and tracking the assets through blockchain’s public digital ledger, copied at every node on the network.

Immutable Security

Your gamers and metaverse users are covered by blockchain’s uncompromised security protocols by even holding millions of dollars with near zero chances of fraud or hack.

Earn Royalties

Your metaverse and NFT games can now include large brands and third-party digital assets, to reward players and offer royalties on every transaction to creators.

Future Gaming

Users and gamers have started to get a real sense of digital presence with complete ownership of real money and digital assets, and with the safety of blockchain.

Build DApp Games & Metaverse
Why choose Seerbytes as blockchain NFT game and metaverse development company?

SSeerbytes is one of the world’s pioneering blockchain NFT game and metaverse development and consulting companies. We offer advanced decentralised solutions for the gaming, entertainment and social media industry.

Our clients offer striking NFT gameplay and top-notch metaverse experiences to their users with better transparency and security from the blockchain technology. We understand how games have evolved, becoming one of the favourite leisure times.

In-app purchases and leading brands like Facebook and Nike, have shown interest in metaverse and in-app cryptocurrency transactions, quickly transforming the Web 3.0 into mainstream media.

Start utilising our in-depth, end-to-end game development approach for your next NFT game and metaverse venture.

Technical Prowess

We have skilled professionals with hands-on experience in end-to-end NFT development.

Mastering advanced blockchain game development tools such as Unreal Engine and Unity, we build 3D reconstruction and 3D visualisation, creating robust NFT collections for long-lasting impression.

Even most sophisticated cross-platform gaming projects, for example, enterprise gamification for the commercial, financial and other industries are available for our clients.

Multi-platform Compatibility

We purely work in the gaming and metaverse field and cater to a wide range of audiences by providing accessibility from multiple devices and consoles.

Your users can enjoy the experiences whether on Android, iOS or Windows device. Our blockchain gaming projects can be enjoyed by maximum users.

End-to-end Support

Get guaranteed completion of your gaming and metaverse project from idea to production and post-delivery, with a peace of mind.

Our agile approach with effective and creative time and resource management ensures a highly robust gaming platform for your end users.

Complete Transparency

You get full transparency in every step of the process from designing, minting and launching of the Non-Fungible Tokens.

Not just that, your community members and gamers will be encouraged through engagement and be incentivised by automatically rewarding them with tokens that have real-life value.

Robust Development Lifecycle

Receive a coherent roadmap which ensures smooth and accelerated development and deployment.

We deliver customised products suited to your target audience. This includes using game channel technology for nearly unlimited transactions and using full decentralisation so that  your games run entirely on the blockchain.

Security and Up-to-date Maintenance

Using the power of blockchain technology, gamers can benefit through actual ownership of their in-game assets and digital collectibles, with complete safety.

User avatars and land in metaverse has real world monetary value in contrast with the traditional games where anyone can delete them intentionally or accidentally, and this is eliminated with blockchain.

Blockchain NFT Game
Development Services

Build and enrich your game and metaverse with hi-tech web3 elements and amazing trading experience having crypto-collectibles to help you become appealing to a broader user base, including Gen Z gamers

Custom NFT Game Development

Build a custom NFT game platform or a metaverse on the blockchain of your choice with speedy operation and low transaction fees. Your games are lively and will meet project-specific requirements, ready to trade money, stock or property to unlock new levels and exciting gaming characters.

Tokenise Game Assets

Enabling you to develop tradable tokens and in-game assets for gamers to freely trade inside the game or on exchanges like Opensea and Rarible. They can easily migrate from one game to another without having to lose their purchased assets. Players can earn and spend in-game currency to allow them advanced levels or win prizes and rewards.

NFT Game Clones

Want to build a feature rich NFT game such as Axie Infinity, NBA Top Shot or The SandBox, we have ready-made white-label clones at hand. Bring your play-to-earn metaverse or game into life in no time and offer a unique and enjoyable experience for your users, through speedy clone customisations.

Avatar & Character Creation

Building high texture 2D and 3D graphics and rendering to create stunning art for your metaverse and games. Every experience is unique and tailored to your users. Make game characters and avatars that stand out. The fully customisable characters will be integrated for multiplayer games, fantasy games, NFT-based play-to-earn games, role-play games and much more.

Enjoy Versatile Gaming Solutions
Whether it is sport, RPG, or racing games, we provide a complete spectrum of next generation professional game development solutions
Action Games

Our NFT action games offer an in-depth thrill experience, especially in the online gaming community, featuring in-game special powers, weapons, health, equipment, tools, character cosmetics, and much more. 

Sports Games

Our NFT sports games are life-like with users engaging in photo-realistic assets like playgrounds, players, teams, accessories, all customisable to player choice. 

Battle Games

Our NFT PvP battle games offer players with a fierce battle ground. Players can earn, upgrade and use in-game assets such as weapons, skill packs, wearables and powers to claim victory.  All of which can be tokenised for exclusive NFT trading.

Adventure Games

Our NFT adventure games are one of the most immersive and in-depth gaming experiences where players encounter a virtual game world, featuring exceptional customisation and challenging missions to earn rewards. Build resources like selective accessories, avatars and maps with an advance trading system between players.

Racing Games

Our NFT racing games offer real like experiences where users buy and sell customised NFTs in the form of motorbikes, sports cars, helmets, gear and accessories. Using these NFTs, players can have a fully custom car or bike with unique performance and have full ownership to benefit in the longer run.

Card Games

Our NFT card games expand on the booming online card gaming industry, providing unique play-to-earn experiences through the use of tradable NFT cards. Utilise the rise in online card gaming during the pandemic to leverage and create a custom art and combat models for your players to own and enjoy.

Blockchain & NFT Game Consultancy Service
We overcome your challenges with clarity and a plan specific to you which actually works

Our blockchain consultants are well versed in tackling the challenges faced by businesses in implementing blockchain.

We have a robust development cycle and perform a thorough analysis of your existing business processes, identify specific blockchain needs and value estimation from blockchain application in your business.

NFT Market Research

We do the market analysis for you and get a clearer view of the business goals and KPI's to meet.

Setting Goals & Plan

We identify the benchmarks of how to achieve the final outcome, with clear-cut goals for each step.

Creating Concepts

We turn your ideas into tangible concept designs for you to take the project forwards with us.

Monetisation Plan

We build a play-to-earn and royalties plan for you, to attract major brands and encourage users to stay engaged. 

Technology of Choice

We help decide the most beneficial blockchain for your DApp game, including launching your existing game.

Smart Contract Audit

We help demystify everything on the best smart contracts for your NFT game and metaverse platform.

Blockchain Success Stories
We’re happy to reveal some of our custom projects we’ve already launched for our clients and partners.

Seerbytes became the tech partner of Wilmore Academy, building its NFT marketplace on the Algorand blockchain. The marketplace will enable artists, academics, and brands to produce and launch NFTs supporting research. Wilmore Academy is a partner with Merlin Sheldrake, New York Times bestselling author of ‘Entangled Life: How Fungi Make our Worlds, Change Our Minds and Shape our Futures (2020)’, and winner of this year’s ‘Royal Society Science Book Prize’, building a groundbreaking collection of 9,950 unique NFTs unlocking the patronage of science, art and the environment together.

Seerbytes became one of the first few partners of Cheqd to run its blockchain validator node (server) for their mainnet on the Cosmos blockchain. Our team managed to deploy it in just a few days and made sure that Cheqd’s Ecosystem stays intact since blockchain networks primarily rely on their validator nodes. In addition to running the node, I also helped the Core Founding Team of Cheqd to launch its own crypto-token, CHEQ, whose market cap at launch was over $500 million with an ambition to be a unicorn. Cheqd offers self-sovereign identity (SSI) and digital identity vendors a blockchain based, secure and efficient solution that includes payment rails, allowing vendors to develop sustainable commercial business models.

Metaverse Development Services
We provide impeccable metaverse solutions to build virtual environments that include a wide range of interactions and features for your users

Metaverse Applications

We develop and connect custom applications that fit and deeply enhance your metaverse platform's functionality and environment.

Metaverse Games

We have a strong team of designers and game developers to build play-to-earn fun experiences for your metaverse community.

2D & 3D Visualisations

We provide an impeccable visual representation of your art in highly detailed 2D and 3D models using our team's rich experience.

Supported NFTs

We can create and integrate NFT collections of various levels of complexity, to expand your metaverse with interactive and enhanced functionality for users.

Device Independence

We can port and integrate all the individual components to fit into the various devices and technologies and create the same user experience for all of your metaverse users. 

Digital Assets

We create digital metaverse NFT assets for users to have full ownership and trade, offer services, organise auctions and develop networking through marketplaces.

Blockchain Game Development Cycle
We surpass on our customer requirements
1. Concept analysis

We understand your dapp game's concept and also do a market analysis to map out the key features and priorities for the project. We also help in creating fresh concepts and setting out milestones.

2. Strategy & design

We determine the most appropriate blockchain to use, develop your NFT games in high-quality VFX, provide various designs for art assets, prototyping, and user testing your platform.

3. Development & testing

Our skilled development team creates smart contracts, user-friendly interface finalisation, blockchain integration, security audit of smart contracts and conduct performance tests using first-rate techniques to develop a full-cycle NFT game.

4. Release & support

Your NFT game and metaverse platform is deployed after successful alpha and beta testing. In addition, we perform ongoing maintenance and optimisation of the game to ensure continuous improvement.













Frequently Asked Questions

Seerbytes has over 15 years of technology development and consulting experience. Our blockchain team will flawlessly deploy your sophisticated and visually interactive metaverse game. We have delivered numerous blockchain tokenisation-related projects for our clients and partners.

Blockchain games are built using blockchain technology, making it decentralised to provide maximum security and in-control of the global gaming community. Players have complete ownership of the assets they buy, sell, earn or receive while participating in the blockchain game.

Metaverse is the recent term coined to the creation of virtual worlds that continue to exist even when you’re not playing. It combines aspects of the digital and physical worlds through virtual reality and augmented reality, creating a fully immersive game or social experience. A metaverse app brings experiences to life. You can play, socialise, learn and collaborate on 3D virtual spaces within the metaverse.

NFTs are non-fungible crypto tokens with unique specifications and standards that cannot be exchanged with other tokens for the same value. Unlike fungible tokens or fiat money, which, say a single sterling coin or dollar bill has the same value and can be exchanged freely. NFTs in games and metaverses can operate as a variety of items or cosmetics, such as weapons in an action game, costumes in an adventure game, characters and vehicles, virtual landscape – an NFT can literally be anything you want. These NFTs can be traded using cryptocurrency or fiat money on marketplaces.

Blockchain-based dapp games are seen as the future of gaming. Featuring uncompromised security protocols, nearly impossible to hack i.e. immutable, and transactions which are safe and fast at a low trading fee. In addition, the ability to offer gaming along with investment and earning opportunities for gamers and users is game-changing. This may be the best time to invest in the blockchain game and metaverse technology to capture the market.

Blockchain game and metaverse development costs and duration depends on the level of complexity and features. Hence, it varies from client to client, being based on the clients’ requirements. Generally, the main components of the dapp are its UI & UX design, frontend & backend development including the database, and smart contracts including blockchain integration. Testing, auditing and deployment follows. As an example, a blockchain game and metaverse can range between $25,000 to $1 million+, with timescales ranging from 2-3 months to several years.

Players can earn digital assets in the form of NFTs and in-game cryptocurrency, which allows them to earn fiat money. You can monetise the gameplay elements, such as characters, gameplay items and cosmetics, virtual lands, acquiring and owning rare or one-of-a-kind in-game collectibles, to incentivise players. Players can trade these NFTs on NFT marketplaces around the world and benefit.

Yes, we do. We provide one of the most experienced metaverse and NFT gaming developers, consultants and analysts, exclusively available for your dapp game development. Our team has successfully delivered several blockchain projects. You can hire individual developers or a team by getting in touch with us.

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